10 Reasons Why Miniature Painting is the Perfect Activity for Kids

Cat Miniature painted by very young child

As the Easter holiday approaches, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children occupied. If you're looking for a unique and creative activity for your kids to enjoy during this holiday season, miniature painting is the perfect solution!

Not only does miniature painting offer a fun and engaging children's activity, it also encourages creativity, patience, and teamwork - all essential skills for a growing child.

Furthermore, miniature painting is an excellent way to make lasting memories with your children. In this blog post, we'll discuss 10 reasons why miniature painting is the perfect Easter activity for kids. (We've also got a discount for you!)


1) It's Inexpensive

Our models offer great value, the amount of time your kids will spend on painting and then playing our game means that you'll get the most out of your purchase. Plus, we're offering a special discount this Easter vacation; stock up now so you can use them all during the Easter holiday!

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2) It's Messy

Yep! A little bit of mess is fine (just get the painting mat down first!)
Look at the examples on this post of miniatures painted by kids aged 3-9 years old! The level of detail and creativity that they bring to their miniature paintings, particularly when playing with fantasy miniatures, animal adventurers and dice heads, can be quite impressive. Plus, there’s something truly special about seeing their faces light up when they’re happy with how their miniature figure has turned out.

This Easter holiday, why not give them a chance to be creative and have some fun? Take advantage of the discounted prices that you can find before Easter and invest in a few sets of miniatures – it will keep them occupied during the vacation and you can even join in and make it a messy family affair.


3) It's Relaxing

Taking your mind off the dreaded screens, painting miniatures helps your kids unwind after a hard semester at school! Moments of calm help reflective thinking and growth. Imagine your kids calmly painting together! No arguments about game controllers or spending too much time streaming videos. Spend quality time with your children engaging in miniature painting instead! Plus, it's an activity that all ages can enjoy - from young children to adults alike. Let their imaginations take them away as they explore an entire world of fantasy miniature.
And best of all, this Easter holiday you can get a great discount on miniature painting sets when you order before Easter vacation starts! It's an activity that will give you quality time with your children while bringing out their creativity in more ways than one.
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 "My daughter always wants to "paint guys with daddy." It was the first time I saw well designed models that were kid friendly with such detail and personality. 10/10 recommend"

4) It's Therapeutic

Take your mind off what is worrying you. It's proven that creative tasks help open the mind the allow you to reflect. The sense of achievement kids will feel when they've completed their models will help them develop confidence in other creative tasks. Feel as confident as a Dino Wizard. Miniature painting helps children explore different characters and settings, inspiring imagination and storytelling.

5) It Teaches Patience

We live in an instant gratification world. Working hard to achieve a great model teaches our kids that it's worth putting in the effort. Things can get tricky when painting miniatures (eyes, anyone?) Working through these problems teaches great patience. 


6) It Boosts Creativity

Creativity can be choosing your colour scheme, trying out different painting techniques or it might be having to use your creativity to solve problems you face whilst working on your model. Just what colour should your Axolotls be painted?
Your children are sure to have a lot of fun thinking of creative and unique colour combinations and designs as they paint their own miniature figures during the Easter holiday!
Furthermore, miniature painting could also boost their imagination and exploration as they dive into a world of fantasy miniatures and animal adventurers with each figure they paint.

"My 12 year old reads the fart quest books and was overjoyed when diceheads released the characters to print. Then we found the Goobertown video about painting with cheap paints and brushes where Brent was painting those very prints."

7) It Encourages Imagination

A big part of Zoontalis: Battle Royale is the fact that we encourage imaginative storytelling through our different game scenarios. Each character comes with its own personality and we really want our players to engage with the models and imbue them with ideas of their own. Just what is the beef between the Raging Rabbits and the Feisty Foxes?

Let your child paint each animal adventurer a different colour, then bring those characters alive on Easter vacation as they adventure together around your dining room table.

"We played at Christmas with our kids and my mom. Though my mom (almost 90) did not quite grasp the rules and played her turn by her own rules but it was all a fun family thing to do."

8) It Develops Fine Motor Skills

Those brushes are small! Zoontalis: Battle Royale miniatures are perfectly designed to have interesting and enhancing elements yet are not too detailed to be frustrating for smaller fingers.
Helping younger painters how to use fine brushes whilst painting a Barmy Bat is a great skill that they can take away with them in other areas of their lives.

9) It Strengthens Bonding

We live really busy lives, both the grown-ups and the kids. Carving out that quality time is vital. There is nothing like sharing our hobby with the kids. It really helps them bond with us and it feels great to sit down and teach them key skills as they paint their Fox Ranger. Easter vacation is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your miniature painting projects and nurture your child's imagination in a fun way.
With fantasy miniatures such as foxes, rabbits or bats, you can let your child's imagination run wild! Not only will you find satisfaction in seeing how much your children enjoy miniature painting, but you'll also be able to display their artwork proudly when it's done.
With miniature painting, you can also help boost your child’s confidence as they become more adept at painting these accessible mini figures.

10) Once You're Done You Can Play The Game!

Our Skirmish Game, Zoontalis: Battle Royale is a perfect way to spend time together. Once you've painted your Adventuring Guild, they are really to set forth on one of the many pre-designed Adventurer Scenarios in the Rulebook. So why not pick up your Starter Pack and a few of our other guilds? This will help fill the Easter holiday with exciting entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages together.

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