Choose Your Guild!


Choose your guild and set forth for adventure! 

A game of Zoontalis: Battle Royale is played through each player's Adventuring Guild. But what is a guild you might ask?

Within the world of Zoontalis different groups of adventurers band together to form an elite group and go forth to search for treasure, defeat evil from the land of the Dark One and to earn renown amongst other brave warriors.

At the start of play each guild is made up of four different archetypes, each one a skilled master in its field of expertise. You’ll find a fighter, a rogue, a ranger and you’ll forget the wizard at your peril!

Who will you choose? Foxes? Bats, Rabbits?

Let's look into each archetypes and find out what makes them tick!


Pickles, the ranger from the Barmy Bats Guild, is no stranger to combat. She likes nothing better than to take a secure spot and pick off the opposition using her longbow. Her super precise aim is sure to hit its mark. 

Rangers are great for offering cover and support as the quick and nimble rogue strikes forward at lightning speed to recover the lost artefact everyone is searching for!


Mind out for Liza, the Rabbit Rogue, she is totally fearless and quick as a flash! Before you know it, she’s used her Rabbit Ability to bunny hop over obstacles, picked up the lost treasure and then used her special rogue Dash action to get back to base. Crikey! What a whizz!

Rogues are the perfect thief, quick, nimble with some deadly weaponry tucked into some of the coolest costumes in Zoontalis!


Nothing stands in the way of Gregor, the beefy fighter from the Feisty Foxes. He may not be the quickest of bushy tailed adventures but he packs a mean bunch and can take a knock or two himself! And mind out for that Morning Star he’s swinging around, it’s deadly.

Fighters are the tanks of each guild, strong and resilient, they make great protectors and are always happy to lead the guild through danger!


Jaxxon, wizard with the Awesome Axolotls, just might be the coolest wizard in the whole of Zoontalis. Armed with just a cheeky grin and a whole bunch of magic scrolls, Jaxxon is ready to take on whatever adventure the world has to offer.

 Wizards should never be under-estimated. Although soft and easy to wound, they can inflict magical damage and cast spells that can change the course of a game in one turn!

So there you go! Lots to get your teeth into with all the different character types.

Zoontalis: Battle Royale is designed to be engaging yet quick to pick up and play! The best way to get started, is to pick up one of our Starter Sets which has every thing you need to get going!

Which guild will you choose? Let us know!