🦡 That’s The Badger!🦡

Hey there!

I hope you’re well. Today I’m sharing with you some back story to one of our favourite and most popular guilds in Zoontalis: Battle Royale, The Bodacious Badgers.

“From under the ground in Blackheart Forest the badgers came - and with them they brought fangs, claws and pure fury. Their home was underneath, being so close to the borders of the Darklands, so they used the land itself to there advantage. They dug out pits deep within the earth, and used the metals and minerals there to equip themselves with the most fearsome weaponry and armour they could. If any creature - monster or animal - wanted to take these lands, then they would have to face the fearsome might of the badgers.”

Tejon The Wizard

A master miner and smith, Tejon is responsible for making all of the badger guild’s arms and armour. Throughout the badger pits you can hear sonic booms, often throughout the night, coming from deep below the earth. This is when Tejon practices his magical specialities.
“My Boom Wave can shake iron from ancient rock formations - but go ahead, try your luck.


Tasso The Rogue

Tasso values discipline above all else - which often puts him at odds with his brother, Asvos. His dedication to planning, preparation and procedure have made him an expert at subterfuge - especially counter-subterfuge. He can spot a rival rogue hiding in dense woodland covered by a fog bank, and then deal with them before his opponent even knew he was there.
“Back straight, nose forwards - good posture is the key to defeating your enemy.

Asvos The Ranger

Asvos is perhaps the most capable of all the badger-kin, at least in terms of his breadth of skills. He is a decent swordsman, a capable scout, and an excellent crafter of jokes. Many a celebration at the guild hall has been elevated by Asvos’ penchant for performance - be it clever wordplay, comedic sing-song or the most impressive trick-shot archery you’ve ever seen, Asvos always proves to be the life of the party.
“Have you heard the one about getting two arrows to the face?…


Brox The Fighter

Brox likes to brag that he’s never lost a fight. Tasso would disagree, but it seems that Brox just has a different definition of “losing” to anyone else. He truly believes that so long as he takes a bit of the enemy with him, he can never lose. His armour, weapon and shield were crafted by Tejon to precise specifications. Those specifications were bigger, sharper, and tougher. And credit to the badger, he wears and wields it all- and he makes it look easy.
“You take my axe, I’ve still got the shield. Take that, and I’ll bring you down with my bare paws!

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