The Origins of the World Of Zoontalis

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Here is a look at the Zoontalis creation story that sets the scene for the Fractured Age (the age in which Zoontalis: Battle Royale takes place.

“The legends say that long ago the world of Zoontalis was created by Florauna - the All-Mother - who populated the lands, sea and air with all the animals she could imagine. It was a paradise of nature, balance and care.
 Then the Dark One came.

An evil soul, no one knows exactly where he came from but there are tales. Some say he is the All-Mothers first creation - the first child - and that he is a petulant creature seeking out his fellow offspring and bringing destruction upon them. A bleak age of darkness and terror fell upon Zoontalis as the Dark One’s hideous creations reigned over the Florauna’s animals.

Hearing her beloved Zoontalis animal’s suffering, and wary of the Dark One’s threat to herself, Florauna the All-Mother did all she could. She brought forth her own Gods into creation - destroying herself in the process. Through this Fracturing of such a powerful being the new gods of the animals were called forth to protect them from such a malevolent - and the animals themselves were awakened.

Wielding tools, communicating with one another, and becoming much more cunning than they had in the days of peace, the animals and their gods did battle with the forces of the Dark One.

It was an eon of magic, battle, and suffering. Many legends were born. As the animal species rose up, the bravest warriors of each species formed Guilds - each intent to strengthen the Gods their own way, each truly believing that they were right.

As they skirmish with each other in the ancient ruins, explore fantastic hordes of ancient magical artefacts, and tackle monstrous beasts conjured forth by the Dark One, one question must be answered:
 Who will save Zoontalis in this Battle Royale?”