Zoontalis Miniature Painting Competition

Are you a fan of fantasy art? Do you love spending time with your family and getting creative? Then we have just the Painting Competition for you.

We are excited to announce our family-oriented fantasy miniature painting contest, where participants of all ages can unleash their creativity and compete for fantastic prizes. To celebrate the launch of our new guild boxes at dice-heads.com we though it’d be good to push something that’s different and a bit special so the first Painting Competition of 2023 is now live.

As we’re a family run business and we love having both children and adults play Zoontalis, there’s two categories for you to enter, Kids and Adult. How are these categories set out? Kids is 0-16, Adult is 17+, pretty simple but worth knowing.

1st prize in both Kids and Adult bracket gets their very own Zoontalis miniature custom made for them plus a guild box of their choice or a free month on MyMiniFactory Tribes.

There’s also 2x 2nd place winners in each bracket who will also get a guild box or FREE month on Tribes.

Entering is simple, all you need to do is post a photo of a painted up Zoontalis:Battle Royale miniature and tag @diceheads on Facebook or Instagramplease don’t forget those tags or we won’t be able to see your amazing entries.

Our Zoontalis Painting Competition has been specifically designed to be open to everyone, no matter their ability and we’d love to see families of all types and ages joining in. This is a celebration of our miniature figures and seeing how they are used by others is a joy, so every time we see a different version or a way of painting, it is inspirational and that’s what we’re looking for, fun and inspiration.

*If you are 16 or below please put age in post and you will be entered into the kids contest.

We can’t wait to see your painted minis. Pick up your favourite Animal Guild today.

Andrew – Creator of Zoontalis

1st Prize

Custom sculpt of a 25mm base character + 

One guild box sent out (or) free month on Tribes

2nd Prizes – Two winners

One guild box sent out (or) free month on Tribes

Closing Date: 15th March 2023

How to Enter 

  1. Paint a Zoontalis: Battle Royale Miniature
  2. Post a photo & tag @diceheads (Facebook or Instagram) 
    (put age in post if 16 or below)