Zoontalis Painting Competition


Are you and your family fans of miniature painting? Do you have a knack for bringing lifelike details to your art pieces? Or do you prefer to just splash it on? If so, then you won't want to miss the new exciting Dice Heads competition! Here you can enter your uniquely painted Zoontalis miniature and compete for a chance to win amazing prizes like mega large models and a start paint set from Two Thin Coats from Trans Atlantis Games.

We have both kids and adults entries and prizes!

This is the perfect opportunity to show off your miniature painting skills and come away with awesome rewards!

How To Participate

To enter the competition, simply choose your favourite Zoontalis model. This could be one of our 3D printing range or a character from one of our guild boxes from the website. Paint it in any style you see fit, we are really excited to see different styles in this competition. Photograph your model making sure it is in focus and well-lit. One entry per person.

Next, you'll need to share your entry online. Simply tag your entry with @diceheads and @transatlantisgames and we'll be able to see it! Please note if the entry is for the Adults or Kids entry ( Kids entry is under 16)

Previous Entries from Epic Dice Heads Fans


If you want to participate but don't have any Zoontalis minis to paint why not use dicehead10 for 10% off on the Dice Heads website to choose your favourite guild and get painting?



We've got some amazing prizes for you this time! We will award separate prizes for both the Adult and Kids categories.

1st Prize: Giant Badger Paladin Model, Two Thin Coats Starter Paint Set

2x 2nd Prize: Guild Box of choice/ One free month on Tribes



Trans Atlantis Games & ‘Two Thin Coats’ Paint Range

We're super excited that Trans Atlantis Games- Two Thin Coats have agreed to be our partner in this painting competition. We really think they are the best paints on the market.

The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy ‘Two Thin Coats’ Paint Range is a range of paints developed from the ground up with some of the best paint development chemists in the world. These are not paints we just bought off the shelf and bottled. We developed each colour to meet our high standards of what we thought miniature paint should be. They have been working in partnership with Trans Atlantis Games to create a set of paints that would be useful to any level of hobbyist. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned painter, we believe that you’ll find using these paints an absolute joy to use! We are both extremely excited for hobbyists around the world to get their hands on these paints and to give them a whirl…or to apply two thin coats! 

The Two Thin Coats paint range consists of over 60 colours, carefully chosen to provide the perfect palette for all your painting needs. These paints have been formulated to provide smooth coverage, high pigmentation, and fast drying times, making them perfect for even the most intricate miniature painting projects. Thin Coats paints are non-toxic, odorless, and water-based, making them easy to clean up and safe to use.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy and Two Thin Coats to bring you this exciting Zoontalis miniature painting competition. So grab your brushes and start painting your way to the top prizes. And remember, apply two thin coats!


Good Luck

We are so excited to see what you guys come up with! Have fun and enjoy sharing our hobby. We just love the way you bring the characters of Zoontalis to life!

Don't forget, this competition is open to both kids and adults, so get your family involved for some quality bonding time over painting minis. Remember to choose any Zoontalis miniature that speaks to you and let your creativity shine through. With exciting prizes on offer, it's definitely worth putting in the time and effort to create something truly amazing.

And who knows, your entry may even inspire others to start painting minis too! We can't wait to see what you come up with, so get your brushes ready and start painting!