Zoontalis: Battle Royale

Get the little Goblins to the table with Zoontalis: Battle Royale

Bring the whole family together for fun and adventure with our family-friendly Zoontalis Battle Royale. Perfect for game nights and family gatherings, Zoontalis provides endless entertainment for players of all ages.

Created by a father, son and daughter team Zoontalis Battle Royale usurps the evil ‘screen time’, replacing it with family time full of adventure, creativity and enjoyment. Enjoyed in over 20 countries, find out why it’s taking over the TTG world.

Battle with gangs of animal warriors through a variety of Zoontalis scenarios that’ll provide family entertainment for game nights. Easy to follow rules ensure everyone can enjoy the fun whilst providing a highly engaging creative adventure.


Quality & Community

Set in a land that pits different factions against each other, the first thing you’ll notice is the awesome figures. They are without a doubt some of the fiercest creatures you’ll have seen in the tabletop gaming world. They are amazing and have awesome powers that compliment each other and make them into a real team.

Based on animal warriors and magicians the quest can be set up easily and there’s multiple scenarios for different types of gameplay.

So much so that the rule book, which is downloadable, comes with a few setups for you to try, but we’re always hearing about how players adapt to what’s happening and we love that.